An interesting survey has just been released by Google that predicts that 1 billion people will use mobile as a primary internet access point in 2012 instead of a home computer or laptop. We all see how prevalent smart phones are in our daily lives, whether we are the ones constantly pulling them out of our pockets to search wikipedia for obscure facts or one of the people who like to always be connected via various chat programs. Whatever type of user you are, the numbers of users in these groups is still surging and expected to reach 1 billion throughout 2012. Is your business ready to handle the onslaught of mobile web viewers? More information on how to optimize your business for mobile viewing can be seen here at Search Control’s search engine marketing blog. 

by Greg Sterling

Former AdMob executive Jason Spero, who is now Google’s head of mobile sales, took the stage earlier today at the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona to offer up some new,global smartphone user survey data and 2012 predictions. The Google-sponsored survey had a sample size of roughly 1,000 respondents in each of the represented countries: US, UK, France, Germany, Spain and Japan.

The data reflect that mobile search usage has nearly 100 percent penetration among smartphone owners, most of whom search at least once a week. Though it’s not made clear in the data released I assume this is browser-based search and does not include search via mobile apps. Google’s browser-based mobile-search share is 97 percent globally, according to StatCounter.

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